Most Popular Virtual Casino Games


Well, slot machines have been out there for quite a long time. The first physical prototype was invented more than 100 years ago. Basically, it was a mechanic poker machine with five spinning reels. And the most peculiar thing is that overall playing rules are pretty much the same even in brand new slot machines. You still need to land combinations out of 3 or more identical symbols on a single payline in order to win some money. And it’s so easy to play that anyone can master it in no time! All it takes is just pressing a couple of buttons!

What about various additional features? Well, in many games, you can enter diverse bonus levels by landing special symbols: Scatters and Wilds. The rule about symbol positioning within a single payline doesn’t apply to these special symbols. It means that Scatters and Wilds can bring you various prizes despite their position on a screen. It’s amazing because this way, you have high chances of triggering jackpots.


This particular game is considered the cultural icon of any casino establishment. Yes, it has quite peculiar rules, but you can have lots of fun once you understand the basics. The main difference between roulette and any other game of chance is that here you can actually predict the outcomes. You can do it by simply trusting your guts. And it’s insane because if you’re lucky enough, you can win many times in a row!


Playing cards online is always a fun thing to do. This specific game is considered the most simple one. All you have to do is just keep asking for a new card until you get 21 points or until the dealer busts. And the average duration of a single session is less than a minute. That’s why it’s quite intense and exciting. You never know the exact outcomes until the cards are drawn.


There are so many kinds of poker out there that sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one. Anyway, the most popular poker variation is called the Texas Hold’em. It’s all about getting the best possible combination out of two pocket and five community cards. But in terms of pokies or poker machines, everything is pretty simple. You just press a button and get random combinations out of five cards. That’s why sometimes it can be a good idea to activate the automatic mode. This way, you will get a series of ten or more automatic starts.


Well, Keno is probably the most popular lottery game in the world. And when it comes to playing it online, there are lots of variations. The closest one is called the scratch game. And the most funny thing is that almost all online versions of Keno have the same mechanics as usual slot machines. You still have lots of cells, and you need to land the right numbers in order to win some money. This game is quite impressive, especially if you’re into playing lotteries!


Roll the dice and win some money. That’s how you can explain the basics of playing Craps. Yes, in this game, the outcomes are always calculated by RNGs (various algorithms used for the generation of random numbers). The most exciting part about this game is that it requires no special skills. It means that even a complete newbie can start having fun and win some prizes!

Tips on Choosing the Right Games

Well, as you can see, the list of games of chance is quite long. It means that sometimes it can be quite hard to decide what titles are worth playing. That’s why we highly recommend you to try launching at least one title from every category. You can do it by visiting one of Soft2Bet casino brands. In the meantime, here’s a short list of tips:

  • Play demo versions first! You can actually save your money and try playing various games of chance in a fun mode. This way, you will learn all the basic mechanics and features of any particular application.
  • It’s all about having fun. Your initial attitude should be not only about winning tons of money but also about learning how to relax and have fun online. Only this way you can have the most comprehensive and exciting experience.
  • Being persistent. Yes, being successful is all about good coping mechanisms. These principles work everywhere, not only within games of chance. To put it simply, you just need to keep trying! Eventually, you will win a big prize!