How Lockdown Changes Casino Industry

General review

People from all over the world lost many sources of pleasure: they can’t visit cinemas, bars, restaurants, cafes, and many other brick-and-mortar venues, including casinos.

Folks are forced to stay at home and suffer from a decreased level of entertainment in their daily life.

Moreover, according to statistics provided by Gambling commission, in April, 23% of Britain’s population felt adverse effects on mental health. Also, 39% of people reported a drop in their financial stability. But things are not so bad, because various kinds of entertainment help to reduce social anxiety. To put it simply, people who can’t see their friends can switch to playing various games of chance online. Of course, it's not the same, but it can help to stay in high spirits during times of low social activity! That’s what online entertainment was made for!

Online Casinos vs. Betting

Well, probably it’s not hard to guess that due to Covid-19 safety measures, many sports events have been canceled or rescheduled, resulting in a significant drop in sports betting options. That’s why, starting from March, online casinos have been blooming, and the numbers of customers were much higher than prior to lockdown. But this tendency gradually decreased back to normal. Since July the quarantine measures in many countries have become not so strict. That’s the main reason.

As for now, the overall sports betting world is back in business again. Football matches and many other significant events are taking place all over the world! Yes, we still have many restrictions. Matches are held without spectators, but hey, at least that’s something!

And the most peculiar thing is that many Soft2Bet brands have both online casinos and sports betting options within a single website, meaning that we can entertain people, no matter what happens in the outer world! On the following graph, you can see how the traffic was spiking for our sportsbook brands during the lockdown in March and April:

The Growth of Gambling Niche

Let’s open Google Trends and see statistics of search results for the whole 2020 year. We use the keyword “online casino” because it’s the most popular search request when it comes to gambling.

In the United States, the niche spikes from 20% to 100% in mid-July:

In Germany it’s even higher during the whole year and spikes from 43% to 100% in July, and starts to increase in November:

So, in every country there’s a dramatic increase in activity. Of course, numbers may vary for any specific region, but the overall statistics are all the same in all the major regions all over the globe. We can see the drastic increase, and it proves that people do gamble more during the lockdown!

How do people adapt?

But let’s also look at the general statistics of entertainment. For instance, a perfect case would be Britain. According to the data provided by YouGov, 13% of all adults spent more money on online entertainment.  Also, 42% of them watched more TV shows on Netflix and other streaming services. It means that not only online casinos gained more popularity. And maybe, that’s just the new usual level of activity. Anyway, according to the recent statistics, things are getting back to normal. The lockdown measures are getting milder in many cities all over the globe. It means that in the long run, online casinos and sportsbooks will earn the same amount of money as usual.

This year is good proof that even a global pandemic is not the end of the world. It means that no matter what happens, we can always find peace as long as there's entertainment. People from all over the world deserve to get access to the best games of chance. And here at Soft2Bet, it's our mission to provide the best online casinos and sportsbooks for everyone! Be healthy, stay at home and save the world!